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Tuesday, April 8 to Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Join the Museum of Arts and Design for an overnight trip to Baltimore, MD to explore the arts, crafts and design of Charm City with MAD's Acting Chief Curator Lowery Stokes Sims. Highlights of the trip include guided visits at the Evergreen Museum & Libraryhttp://madmuseum.pmailus.com/pmailweb/ct?d=dL68awJqAAEAAAkXAAfE1Q, Baltimore Clayworkshttp://madmuseum.pmailus.com/pmailweb/ct?d=dL68awJqAAEAAAl6AAfE1Q, American Visionary Art Museumhttp://madmuseum.pmailus.com/pmailweb/ct?d=dL68awJqAAEAAAnPAAfE1Q, and The Walters Art Museumhttp://madmuseum.pmailus.com/pmailweb/ct?d=dL68awJqAAEAAAokAAfE1Q. This curator-led trip includes a one-night stay in Baltimore's Inner Harbor at Hotel Monacohttp://madmuseum.pmailus.com/pmailweb/ct?d=dL68awJqAAEAAAq-AAfE1Q .

$599 MAD Members/$650 Non-Members


Tuesday, April 8 8:00am: Guests meet at the Museum at 2 Columbus Circle 8:30am: Departure from MAD Boxed lunch will be provided on route to first visit Visit to Goya Contemporary with Executive Director Amy Raehse and artist Joyce Scott Visit to Evergreen Museum & Library Visit to Baltimore Clayworks with Executive Director Sarah McMann Check-in at Hotel Monaco Dinner at B&O American Brasserie

Wednesday, April 9 Breakfast at B&O American Brasserie Check-out of Hotel Monaco Visit to The Walters Art Museum's Chamber of Wonders with Curator Joneath Spicer Visit to American Visionary Art Museum guided by Founder and Director Rebecca Hoffberger Followed by lunch at Mr. Rain's Fun House 7:00pm: Projected arrival back at 2 Columbus Circle

For full details of the itinerary, click herehttp://madmuseum.pmailus.com/pmailweb/ct?d=dL68awJqAAEAABC_AAfE1Q .

To Register Please download the form herehttp://madmuseum.pmailus.com/pmailweb/ct?d=dL68awJqAAEAABGRAAfE1Q. A completed registration form and full payment must be received in advance of the trip by Friday, March 7, 2014. Please e-mail completed form to patrons@madmuseum.org or fax 212.299.7701. For trip-related questions, email Patty Tsai patty.tsai@madmuseum.org or call 212.299.7758.

Cancellations & Refunds Participants may cancel their trip up until Friday, March 7, 2014. After that date, the full cost of the trip is non-refundable. The Museum of Arts and Design reserves the right to cancel the trip if there are fewer than 15 participants or for unforeseeable circumstances. Upon reservation, participants assume responsibility for their physical abilities to travel and must notify the Museum of any health or physical conditions and/or allergies (including dietary restrictions) that may hinder their ability to fully participate in this trip. [image: Museum of Arts and Design]http://madmuseum.pmailus.com/pmailweb/ct?d=dL68awJqAAEAABgwAAfE1Q

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